Delivering efficient, connected services and better patient outcomes with intelligent contact technology

We help healthcare providers direct their patients to the right information at the right time – improving outcomes, reassuring the public, and reducing the cost per patient for both triage and treatment.

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Improving medical outcomes for patients

Capita’s Salus technology provides accurate, safe, self-service medical advice whenever and wherever it’s needed. It’s a flexible, multi-channel solution that ensures patients, clinicians and call handlers have access to up-to-date information in their own language. Salus also supports remote consultations, helping to cut waiting times and reduce unnecessary hospital visits. Ultimately, it allows healthcare providers to collaborate and create informed, connected wellness pathways for patients.

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Streamlining operations for healthcare providers

Hosted on Microsoft Azure or on-premises, Salus gives clinicians access to the right data from anywhere, reduces the cost of infrastructure, and speeds up deployment. It helps healthcare providers focus on core services instead of admin tasks – connecting the dots of patient conversation touchpoints and managing resources to cope with peaks and troughs in demand.

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Saving money for financial managers

Salus enables a demonstrable ROI by helping to ensure the correct outcomes and by driving efficiencies. Our solution means that fewer resources and less staff time are expended on unnecessary tasks, such as repeated conversations or avoidable ambulance callouts. Contact centre costs are minimised too, by reducing the call volume for operators.

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End-to-end reassurance and support for patients

Capita's technology ensures patients get the information they need, when they need it. Removing gaps or delays in the patient experience, wherever they are. Watch the video for examples of how it all works in practice.

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