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Every organisation has been impacted in the way they work by Covid-19. Remote working arrangements, furloughs, and re-deployment. Virtual, on demand learning and collaboration tooling have all come to the fore. And every organisation will have its own unique challenges about how to reintegrate their workforce within what will become their ‘new normal’.

In this event, our expert speakers discussed the various challenges of workforce re-integration and what this means for them as employers and for their employees.

What are the critical considerations and hurdles that will need to be overcome to create safe and productive workplaces for all?

Speakers at this event were:

Martin Thomas - Head of Total Workforce Management, Philips

Iain Lindsay - 
Head of Talent and Diversity, John Sisk and Son Ltd 

Lesley Gregory -  Product Manager, Digital Onboarding, Capita

Roger Clements -  Product Director, Capita People Solutions


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